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After over 50 years of sales, service, and sharing knowledge with customers, David has decided to retire and close the Vintage Fret Shop. This means there will no longer be in-person sales or any repair services available. Much of the inventory will continue to be sold through Reverb, an on-line marketplace for new, used, and vintage music gear. You may shop our online store by clicking here —  Reverb — or on the link above.​ Listings change frequently, so we invite you to visit often. We expect this process of selling off inventory to take a few years.

If you are looking for something in particular, feel free to email us below. If we have something that might match your request, David may discuss with you further and we can post it on Reverb for your purchase if you are interested.

Regarding repairs and service, most experienced independent luthiers are overwhelmed with work (as they are a dying breed), so unfortunately we have no one to refer you to at this time.

We are not acquiring instruments by trade, purchase or consignment since we are in the process of selling down our inventory. (But anyone who knows David knows he may be tempted by an unusual find!)

This was a difficult decision, as the Fret Shop was more a way of life than a business. In fact, David always referred to it as his hobby. He is trying to simplify his life to better match his energy and focus, freeing up time for the people and activities he enjoys. David will continue to play music, attend open mics on occasion, and hopefully continue the many friendships he has made over the years. Feel free to reach out via email, he looks forward to hearing from you.

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