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Welcome to Vintage Fret Shop, we're glad you found us. Our home base is here in Ashland, New Hampshire, but thanks to technology we can scatter some digital bread crumbs around the web and lead folks from around the world right to our door. Proprietor David Colburn opened shop in 1970. If you do the math right that means he's been buying, selling, trading, repairing, appraising and teaching for 50 years — he's been playing for even longer. At the height of the business, BEFORE the internet, VFS had 7 full-time employees and garnered customers from all 50 of the United States plus an additional 16 countries. Times have changed since the web has put the world at our fingertips, but folks still call on David because of his knowledge, experience and affable manner.

Vintage Fret Shop has over 300 instruments on hand —  guitars, banjos, mandolins, ukuleles, fiddles, dulcimers and other instruments. As an authorized C.F. Martin dealer, our inventory always includes a good selection of Martin guitars and ukuleles. We also have a few non-fretted instruments — harps, harmonicas, tambourines, and even an occasional accordion, balalaika, or concertina.

The store carries a variety of accessories — strings, picks, capos, straps, amps, cases and gig bags, drumsticks, books, and more. Are you looking for some vintage vinyl? We may have that rare gem that you're looking for. And of course we have Vintage Fret gear—shirts and hats—with new items on the way.

Our name says it all—we are vintage—so we ask for your patience as we dive into the digital world to accommodate our customers and expand our circle of friends. We invite you to check back often to follow our progress and give us your input. After all, technology is no replacement for 50 years of accumulated knowledge and good old-fashioned customer service. We hope to talk with you soon.

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